Women who lost many things gather weekly to chat and enjoy craft working. They remake used Kimono to beautiful postcards.

Online Article: Here (Japanese only).
Facebook: Here

Ishinomaki Hibi Kodomo kids newspaper

Kid journalists decide what to cover and where to interview. From the 2nd grader to high schoolers, someone write articles, while someone contribute their drawing.

website: Here (Japanese only)

International Disaster Forum by Ishinomaki Nishi West High school

New Orleans Katrina, Korean disaster, Taiwan earthquake, and Ishinomaki great earthquake and tsunami. High school students from four different countries make presentations about their disaster in English.
Website: Here

Project Yui (volunteer organization)

Supports Elementary school librarians and runs daycare center for working mothers.

Website: Here.

Kodomo Mugendai Company (volunteer group)

Running a community space for the heavily devastated area for young mothers and children in Ishinomaki

Website: Here

Sendai YMCA college

Vocational school for hotel and pastry chef

Website: Here

Cobaltore Onagawa

Running soccer classes for kindergartners in the Ishinomaki area.

Website: Here